Wolkenkraft Äris

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The latest vaporizer from Wolkenkraft, a revolution in the vaporizer world

The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS is the spearhead of vaporizer technology and the ECA convection technology is as advanced as it is unique. Vaporizing flowers has never been easier, more efficient and more comfortable!

The WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS is a revolution! There is no other vaporizer that so skillfully combines innovation, design, handiness and ease of use. Revolutionary patented ECA technology – progress through progress and not through marketing! ECA stands for “Easy Care Airpath” and is a unique innovation – no, a revolution! The air and heating channel is no longer hidden in the unit, but you can see it, or more precisely: you can see through it. Simply pull the mouthpiece unit off the device and push the screen out from the bottom of the device using the magentic chamber rod, and the heating and air channel is completely exposed. This has never been done before! ECA = 100% clear air channel makes cleaning easy. Since the air channel is completely visible, it is very easy to clean. Gone are the days when you could only clean the sieve or the heating chamber, but small herb residues disappeared at the bottom of the unit. This is no longer possible with the WOLKENKRAFT ÄRIS. The air channel is 100% free and therefore easier to clean than ever before.

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