Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder

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Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder


Counter-surveillance and intelligence operatives would recognize this item as an essential tool of spycraft, and it is also useful within your home or the office. Are people entering your office or home when you're not there? Is money missing from the register after employees close out their shift? Are items missing from your jewelry box? You might remember the term "dusting for prints," but this tool is more like laying a trap to prove someone has touched something they're not supposed to. Instead of throwing dust around to find fingerprints from their oily impressions, this Visible Stain Powder lays across objects that shouldn't be touched or moved. When the powder transfers to someone's fingers, it causes a chemical reaction that stains the fingers!

Theft detecting dust is one of the simplest spy gear tools around. Dust this solution onto high-dollar bills, jewelry, safes, doorknobs, or anything else of value; the purple stain will make it easy to spot your thief! Unfortunately, those who steal from you usually are people you know or are close to you. Perpetrators would quickly try to wash off the stain, but it won't go anywhere for days to come with our thief detection stain powder, allowing ample time for you to catch them purple-handed!


The visible stain theft detection powder is straightforward to use. Use a makeup brush or paintbrush to apply a light coating of the purple staining powder to an object that is likely to be stolen or handled. Use gloves to protect your own hands, if available, or tap out some powder onto a paper to fold and then drizzle on the surface. Once that object is touched, the stain powder will stain the hand purple, lasting for several days, and this stain can not easily wash off. For use outdoors, mix with petroleum jelly, like Vaseline®, and apply the paste to the item of concern.

A light sprinkling of the powder is all that's needed to lay a trap for suspicious individuals.Chemical reactions with the stain powder occur only with bodily oils, so it will not harm dollars, plastics, or anything else you're trying to protect. The staining powder can affect fabric if transferred from stained fingers, but this will wash off with hand sanitizer solution.


Do you own or manage a restaurant or bar? Do you think your kids are stealing alcohol? Do you have a theft issue at home or work? Theft detection powder is the perfect solution for catching perpetrators. This is a great way to prove an individual is tampering, moving, or stealing cash or other specific items in your home or business.

Visible stain detection will help if you own or manage a restaurant or bar, areas where employees may have ample availability to steal cash. If you think your kids are stealing from the alcohol cabinet or your wallet, a simple tool like this staining powder will provide the answers you seek. Your trap will stain their fingers, hands, and even their clothes to provide visible evidence of their misdeeds. It's a great way to prove an individual is tampering, moving, or stealing cash or specific items in your home or business.

If you have ever been the victim of theft or a break-in, you know it can be devastating. By using this essential spycraft tool, it helps to give you a sense of security. Ensure that you can trust those around you by dusting off-limit areas and objects likely to get lifted.

This product is not only good for catching thieves, but you can also use it for teaching or as a prank. Parents could use this to teach their children how easily germs spread from surface to surface. Teachers could use it to show how different substances react to an individual's skin. If you are in a prank war with a friend, this is a sure way to win the war.


  • Made in the U.S.A
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed
  • Applications are limitless for identification, teaching, and pranking
  • Non-toxic powder turns the skin purple and does not wash off for several days


  • 90 Day Manufacturers Warranty
  • Visible Stain Theft Detection Powder


  • Weighs 1oz
  • Indoor Use: powder form recommended
  • Outdoor Use: mix the visible stain powder with Vaseline®
  • Reacts to the body's amino acids in the skin resulting in dyed skin
  • The dye will eventually go away, but cannot be washed off for days

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