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The snowman D1r is the safest and healthiest ceramic vape pen at present on market. Full ceramic design and engineered battery make it stand out. 

The center post made by unique and engineered ceramic raw material, which applied to human's body for many years.

Very high quality ceramic material. While no glaze on the center post  and no glue connected tank. To deliver clear and healthy flavor from the first hit to the very last.

◆  3*2.0mm Oil Hole Size For High Viscosity Oil

◆  Safe and Healthy Full Ceramic Design Keep People Healthy

◆  Zero-Leak Performance

◆  Easy filling oil design

◆  High Quality Glass Tank Make Customer's Oil Stand Out- Best Cartridge on the Market!

Standard 0.5 ML Tank

Patented Blends 

Sleep- Full Spectrum CBD helps to activate your natural Endocannabinoid system providing a range of pre-clinically studied health benefits such as reduced pain and inflammation, reduced stress levels, and a better night’s sleep. Premium Organic Nano-CBD

 Energy- Alpha Pinene, found in cannabis, orange peels, pine needles, basil, parsley, alpha pinene has shown to improve memory retention and promote feelings of energy. Blended with our Premium Organic Nano-CBD.

Meditate- Linalool, found in cannabis, lavender, coriander, flowers and spices, linalool has shown to be effective as an antidepressant and produce anti-anxiety properties. Blended with our Premium Organic Nano-CBD.

Nano CBD Oil means CBD that is broken down into tiny particles. These tiny particles attack the targeted areas. It is very effective for athletes. There are some ingredients like the hemp plant that consists of 150 cannabinoids. It has many more ingredients that support better health.

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