Roberto Crippa - Collage

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Italian painter and sculptor. Born at Monza, Milan. Studied at the Brera Academy, Milan, under Carpi and Carrà. First one-man exhibition at the Galleria Bergamini, Milan, 1947. After a brief period of geometrical abstraction, collaborated with Fontana in the Spazialismo movement and signed the Spazialismo manifestos of 1950-3; friendships also with Dova, Peverelli, Donati.
Pioneered action painting in Italy with his calligraphic spiral paintings, ca.1949-52. Partly through contacts with the Surrealists Lam, Matta and Brauner, Crippa turned in the mid 1950s to painting totem-like personages, and from 1956 also made cast iron sculptures of these. In 1958 he began to make collage-reliefs incorporating wood, newspaper, etc., evoking imaginary landscapes or figures; his later collage-paintings tended to become more brilliant in colour. 

Crippa appears there with his leather jacket in the Air Force section. And on March 19, 1972, while the exhibition at Palazzo Reale in Milan is still in progress, aboard a Zlin, Leading an aerobatic flight lesson with a student who hopelessly errs in maneuver, Roberto tries to correct the trajectory of the aircraft but it is too late

Crippa Founded The Acrobatic Group of the Aero Club of Milan. (Still active to this day) Events are still held in his name Yearly.