Rhapsody Kolinsky Sable Artist Brush Sets By Creative Mark

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Creative Mark wanted to create a watercolor brush that virtually surpassed others in their class, to offer incredible quality at a reasonable price. Using the stringent English sizing developed by Winsor & Newton’s in their Series 7, they use only winter coat, male tail Kolinsky hair (the bushiest and most responsive brush hair available). By following the English sizing as a template, Rhapsody Brushes boast a size 10 that is equivalent to a size 12 (or in some cases, a size 14) in other brands.

Instead of tapering down the belly, the winter tail allows a full belly that extends lower, absorbing maximum amounts of color for wide washes. Rhapsody has a flawless, split-proof 3x0 point with super responsiveness, spring, and resilience, capable of the tiniest detail.

As Practical as they are Beautiful! Given a 5 star rating by professional watercolorists, Rhapsody brushes are finished with chrome-plated brass ferrules. Handles are black lacquered, polished and well balanced wood handles, with violet dipped ends.

  • 100% Pure Kolinsky Sable Hair
  • Responsive, excellent spring
  • Full belly for large washes
  • Full English Watercolor Sizing
  • Stainless chrome-plated brass ferrules
  • Fine, Split-proof Points
  • Short handle brushes
  • Black lacquered handles, polished and well balanced wood with violet dipped ends