Pipe Gemstone Tigers Eye (10-Pack)

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Pipe Gemstone Tigers Eye (10-Pack)

For crystal connoisseurs is clear, the stone always seeks you out – The tiger eye is to give courage, protection and security. Intuition is said to be sharpened and decision making made easier. It is considered an eye stone and a healing stone to improve eyesight. In addition, it is said that er protects against influences such as stress, strain, doubt or changing mood for more balance. In Egypt, they were worn as a protective talisman and they are still often and gladly worn today as hand charms or pendants.

10 Pipes

*Crystals are a natural product and sometimes have small inclusions or fracture lines. This does not affect the use of the item. Never treat natural stone with acids. Use only lukewarm water and alkali-free soaps for cleaning. Rinse the pipes with lukewarm water before use. 

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