Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit

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This is an updated version from our previous voice transformer, built into a whole new unit that makes altering the way you sound over the phone or computer a breeze. This is not a toy: this is truly a professional music studio device that has the capability of being a voice changer that could be used to make a man sound like a woman or a woman sound like a man, with up to 8 different voices, you could build and switch between when needed. It works with computers, Android phones, iPhones 4 and up ( keep in mind, iPhone 7 and up will require the 3.5mm headphone adapter jack ), and old-fashioned telephones and voice-over-internet phones.


The device comes with everything you need to connect with a computer or most cell phones ( iPhone 7 and up requiring the 3.5mm headphone jack adapter ) while allowing you to play with altering the way you sound beforehand or at that moment. It comes with a microphone to speak into and headphones to hear how it sounds before. Plug the headphones into the “PHONES” port at the bottom of the unit and the microphone into the “MIC” port. Insert the included 4x AA batteries into the back of the unit for up to 6 hours of continuous use, or insert a USB AB ( printer ) cable at the top near the “ON/OFF” switch for consistent power. Be sure the “VOLUME” and “MIC SENS” ( microphone sensitivity ) knobs are turned to the middle before you power it on, so you don't blow out the headphones and potentially hurt your ears. Our TVT is actually a professional-grade music studio device, so some options built into the unit, such as “BALANCE,” “AUTO PITCH,” and “REVERB,” are not meant to be used for voice creation but for creating music. Keep the “BALANCE” tab pushed all the way to the top, the “REVERB” tab all the way to the bottom, and the “AUTO PITCH” turned to the off-position for voice creation and use over the phone/computer. The “KEY” knob will not affect anything in creating your new persona. For creating new adjustments, slide the “PITCH” and/or “FORMANT” tabs up and down while speaking into the included microphone and listen through the included headphones to hear when you've created the perfect voice for your alter-ego. It also helps to speak an octave higher or lower to get the best results. Hold down one of the numbered buttons to save your work as a preset so you can quickly get back to it, and it's easy to switch back and forth with your own voice with the “BYPASS” and “MANUAL” buttons!

The package comes with the TVT Cell Phone Interface cable, which plugs up into the 3.5mm jack on your cell phone ( remember, you will need the 3.5mm adapter piece for iPhones 7 and up ) with two other dangling connections, one labeled for the headphones and the other for the microphone. You'll insert the included 3.5mm to 3.5mm audio jack cable into the microphone port of this piece, then plug the other end into the ADAPTER FOR HEADSET PLUG and then plug that piece into the “L/MONO” port at the top left of the unit. Finally, plug in the microphone at the “PHONES” port. At this point, if you've already created your personas, you can use them in a phone call or call someone you trust so you can have another person hear how you sound when you speak in real-time to help you fine-tune the best ones!


As stated above, this unit is not a toy but a specialized version of the Roland VT-4 designed for those needing true voice alteration, such as law enforcement or small businesses trying to seem bigger. With the right combination of pitch and formant adjustment, up to 8 different, entirely new voices can be created on top of your own, with the possibility of making a man sound like a woman or a woman sound like a man. Many different industries could benefit from such a device, such as law enforcement, radio personalities, movie overlays, or even to make a small business seem bigger.


  • Turn On/Off effects instantly with just a press of a button
  • 8 Programmable voices. You can change your pitch and format
  • 4 Memory buttons to change voices instantly with the press of a button
  • A true professional voice changer that can make a woman sound like a man and a man sound like a woman
  • It comes with everything needed to work with, VOIP phones, cellphones, computers, and plain-old-telephone landlines
  • Great for TV shows, radio events, movie voice-overs, commercial businesses, creating sound effects for music, playing pranks on radio shows or your friends, or use it at home to make it sound like you have a larger business


  • User Manual, 90 Day Manufacture's Warranty
  • Pro Telephone Voice Transformer Kit
  • Headphone, Microphone, Carrying Case, 4 AA Batteries, Telephone and Cellphone Interface, 3.5mm to 3.5mm Cable, Adapter for Headset Plug


  • Weight: 17oz
  • Battery Type: 4 AA
  • Battery Life: 6 hours
  • 8 Programmable voices
  • Plug-in for continuous power
  • 4 Memory buttons to change your voice instantly
  • Product Dimensions: 7.0 x 5 1/4th x 4 1/4th inches
  • Compatible With: Computers, hard-line phones, VOIP phones, Android or iPhones


Q: Will this work with my smartphone?
A: It works with Android phones and iPhone 4 and up ( iPhone 7 and up does not come with the 3.5mm jack, so be sure to get the adapter piece for this ).

Q: Will this work on my landline phone?
A: This will work with standard telephone company single line telephone wall jack phones and VOIP phones. 

Q: Will this allow me to sound like the opposite sex?
A: Yes.

Q: Can I change the pitch and formant?
A: Yes.

Q: Will this device make me sound like my assistant, so my office can seem bigger than it is?
A: The idea of this product is to mask your voice enough not to be identified. You won't be able to be a specific person. This item can definitely make you sound as if you were a different individual, though. Be sure to practice and change your natural speech patterns to get the desired effect you're looking for.

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