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Moonrocks, also known as caviar, consist of a premium blend of cannabis flower, concentrate, pure CBD crystal and pollen. This production process delivers a whole new and unique smoking experience and has become a favorite for many cannabis connoisseurs.

CBD: up to 70%
THC: <1%

Only the highest quality indoor hemp flowers are used in the production of the Green Passion CBD Moonrocks. Each hemp flower is individually hand-dipped in high percentage hemp extract and then coated with pure CBD crystal (99%) and high quality pollen, giving the Moonrocks their very high CBD content of up to 70%. Smoking Green Passion Moonrocks is slightly different from smoking conventional CBD flowers. Here are some tips & tricks for an ideal moon landing:
• Don’t grind: A regular grinder will most likely have trouble with the sticky texture or gum up when grinding. Also, when you grind, it might tear the moonrocks and break them into their
individual components. Instead, use your fingers or scissors to carefully break or crush them apart.
• Moonrocks are usually consumed in a pipe, bong or bubbler.

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