N2 Pro 1080P Dual Dash Camera with 170° Field of View

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Our new VanTrue N2 dual dash-mounted cam is a must-have for any service vehicle, transportation or ride-share service, or even just your daily commute. It has two 1080P cameras built into one small unit that suction cups to any vehicle's windshield. It's super convenient with dual-lens cameras that you can flip from facing the car's front windshield to the inside with just a little twist. With a view radius of 170° degrees for the front camera and 140° degrees for the rear, you can be sure to capture everything in the front or back of your vehicle clearly. The rear cam also includes 4 IR LED's so you can get a clear image when transporting people or items at night. You can get an even sharper picture out of the front-facing cam when used alone, up to 1440P. It's super easy to check the angle you're capturing or review the files recorded with the 1.5” LCD screen. It provides a handy picture-in-picture so you can see what angle the second camera is facing, as well. The suction cup mount lets you place it anywhere on your windshield, as much out of the way of your field of view as possible. The power cable plugs into the car's cigarette lighter adapter, which charges the 15-minute battery and starts the device right up once the vehicle is turned on.


A suction cup mount is a perfect way to mount this unit up and out of your field of view, but don't worry about a dangling cable: it has enough to wrap around the windshield and to be tucked inside the headliner so you can string it all the way to the cigarette lighter adapter for constant power. The unit's maximum SD card can handle a 256GB card, allowing about 23 hours' worth of footage when using both cameras at 1080P resolution. Insert the card before powering it on. Once turned on, the unit automatically starts recording, so as soon as you turn the key in your car, it's going to boot up and start doing its job. The onboard menu interface is a breeze to operate with the 1.5" screen. The "OK" button is used to, of course, confirm your selection, while the "M" or "mode" button is used to back out of whichever section you're in. From here, it's simple to adjust the date/time of the files, write in the license plate numbers of drivers that cut you off, switch from using two cameras to just one, or even review what had just happened. 

The features inside make the dual cam system even better. The front-facing camera has an angle of view of 170-degrees, with the rear having 140-degrees of view. When used by itself, the front cam can record at a staggering 1440P picture resolution to get the sharpest images possible of cars around you, which would help with the license plate feature that lets you write in specific plate numbers for reference. Parking mode is great for vehicles that always have power drawn to the cigarette lighter adapter when the car is turned off so that any motion happening in the field of view of the unit is captured. A G-Sensor locks recordings in case of an accident so they can't be overwritten during your busy life when you cannot get to a computer to save the footage. A cool time-lapse feature lets you edit videos into a shorter time frame so you can get to the most important bits quicker. With an easy on/off switch for the audio recording, you can keep your conversations private or ensure you catch how inebriated that Uber passenger was when they ruined your car. 


The roads keep getting bigger to accommodate more and more drivers hitting the roads each year. The chances of an accident will only increase over time, so it's always a great idea to get yourself a car camera. More and more, people also need evidence of their own actions to prove their innocence in the matter, so a dual cam like this can mean the difference between a clean record or a major hike in insurance payments. If you plan to start up with companies like Uber, Grubhub, and DoorDash, or if you're commuting each day to work and tasked with picking up the kids from school, this dash cam will keep everyone honest about the situation if an accident occurs.

The wide 170-degree front and 140-degree rear cam with IR capture high-definition 1080P video and even date and time stamp each recording. The G-senor locks important videos from being deleted when a sudden shock occurs. All the features inside make this an even better tool for safety, with image exposure settings to help with the amount of light for clearer images, and you can even review your footage directly off the 1.5" LCD screen or plug the memory card into a computer to save the files elsewhere! Any standard media player on your computer should play the .MP4 format videos, but we recommend VLC Media Player. 


There are many uses for dashcams in today's modern and ever-expanding road network. Use it to capture proof of an event occurring while driving or recording your family road trips. Capture the unexpected wildlife encounter or help prevent insurance fraud or capture a car accident for evidence in court. It also excels for student-teacher drivers to document driving skills or give you a first-person account of an event that occurs. Monitor your teen or fleet driver's daily driving habits.


  • The rear camera includes 4 IR LEDs for enhanced night vision in vehicles
  • Suction cup for easy mounting to any windshield. Supports up to a 256GB SD card
  • G-Sensor locks recordings when an accident occurs, so they are not overwritten and lost
  • Records video and audio. Playback videos through the dash camera or download them to a computer
  • Record 1080P with both the front and back camera or record in 2K Ultra 2560x1440 with just the front
  • Built-in 1.5" LCD screen, time and date stamp recordings, 170-degree front-view camera, and 140-degree rear camera
  • The built-in adjustable rear rotating camera is perfect for Uber and Lyft drivers to help keep an eye on their back seat passengers


  • User Manual, 1 Year Manufacturer's Warranty
  • N2 Pro 1080P Dual Dash Camera with 170° Field of View
  • Dual Car Charger with Built-in Mini USB Cable, Suction Cup Mount, USB Data Cable


  • Connection Type: USB 2.0
  • Audio Microphone: Built-in
  • Supported Memory: 256GB SD
  • Mac and Windows Compatible
  • 1.5" LCD Screen with HDMI Out
  • Field of View Rear Camera: 140° degrees 
  • Field of View Front Camera: 170° degrees 
  • Battery Type: 250mAh 3.7V Polymer Li-ion
  • Working Temperature: -4 to 158 degrees F
  • Video Resolution Dual Camera Mode: 1080P
  • Video Resolution Front Camera Only: 2K Ultra 2560x1440


Q: What is the maximum size memory card I can use?
A: The maximum size card it can handle is 256GB, which can store up to nearly 23 hours from both cameras recording at 1080P.

Q: Does it come with a sticky tape mount?
A: No, it does not.

Q: Does this unit have a Supercapacitor like your other units?
A: No, this one actually has a tiny battery that lasts for about fifteen minutes.

Q: How long is the power cable?
A: 10 feet.

Q: Will I see two video feeds side-by-side when reviewing my files?
A: No, it'll have separate files for each camera, listed like "2018_0217_092049_001A" for the front and "2018_0217_092049_001B" for the rear.


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