Limited Amnesia 10g

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This extremely popular genetics dates back to the early 90’s and convinces with its relatively discreet smell. The tart and citrusy aromas and the slightly peppery scent promises a pleasant, fresh and slightly tingling smoking experience.

CBD: up to 19%
THC: <1%



As with almost all classic cannabis strains, the origin of Amnesia is hard to be defined. It is said, however, that the strain originated in the early 90s from a cross between Thai, Jamaican, Hawaiian and Afghani landraces in America. However, the crossing’s popularity and demand only began to increase once it reached Amsterdam, where it is still one of the most popular and common varieties today. Although its smell can be described as rather subtle compared to other CBD flowers, it exudes pleasant tart and citrusy scents with a slight peppery hint.

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