Hemp as Medicine - a Practice-Oriented Guide

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Hemp as Medicine - a Practice-Oriented Guide

The standard work by cannabis expert Dr. Franjo Grotenhermen provides comprehensive and easily understandable information about the possibilities of treatment with cannabis and the cannabis active ingredient dronabinol. Areas of application, side effects, dosages and possible interactions with other drugs are presented and explained in detail. 

The book also contains many valuable tips from the author's many years of practical work. “The easily understandable book, based on the latest knowledge, makes a very important contribution to the necessary remedicalization and destigmatization of cannabis products. 

The clearly structured catalog of indications, impressive patient reports and valuable application information should, on the one hand, help the patient to deal critically and correctly, on the other hand, medical professionals document and bring closer to the enormous therapeutic potential of cannabinoids. " (Professor Dr. Rudolf Brenneisen, University of Bern) "In this second and updated edition, all scientific facts have been brought up to date." CO.med July 2016 Year of publication: 2015 ISBN: 978-3-03788-285-6 216 pages, format 13.5 × 22 cm revised new edition (formerly published by AT Verlag)-German Language

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