Death of Sensibility

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Death of Sensibility

A story about Earth, preserving its history and mankind destroying thousands of years of humanity, history and culture. A unique specimen of Rutilated Quartz with layered organic materials telling the story of earth history locked inside. The cast bronze skeleton sits on top with ancient terracotta Maskette and an ancient dagger dangling in front.


Roman Iron dagger blade, 1ST and 2ND century AD. Provenance: Ex. Royal Athena Galleries, New York. Pre-Columbian Jamacoaque culture, Ecuador terracotta Maskette, C. 900-1200AD. Nicely detailed with a highly burnished surface. Provenance: Ex. East coast collection #1210358-2. See label, “Columbia before Columbus” for similar example.

Rutilated Quartz, the quartz piece is not common. As the quartz was going (in the ground) leaves, earth and various organic materials were caught or captured in the process.

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