Swissx 100% CBD JUUL Pods 0% THC

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Swissx 100% CBD JUUL Pods 0% THC

With our special vape formula of CBD oil, these pods are fully compatible with the JUUL. 

  • 100% CBD Oil
  • 0% THC,  THC levels in the 0% THC OIL : ACTUAL LAB TEST REULTS - 0.002% (NA) Will not show up in a drugs test for THC.
  • Full-Spectrum CBD-C (Cannabinoid Collective: CBD, CBG, CBN, CBS, etc).
  • Nano-CBD : Nano CBD Oil means CBD that is broken down into tiny particles. These tiny particles attack the targeted areas. It is very effective for athletes. There are some ingredients like the hemp plant that consists of 150 cannabinoids. It has many more ingredients that support better health.

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