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 Water-based gentle drops for daily health and immunity, up to 200 times as effective as Vitamin C.

  • Buckyol C60 is completely water-soluble C60 (Carbon 60) without the need for any olive oil.
  • A mild polyhydroxylated formula, which strengthens the anti-oxidation ability. (In scientific words, it expresses from 2 to 12 times better directional peroxide quenching capacity.)
  • 99.99+% vacuum-sublimed, pure, solvent-free anisotropic hydroxylated C60 mineral.
  • A powerful agent against aging, improving your daily performance, and just feeling really good.
    • Enhances cell metabolism
    • Removes free radicals
    • Inhibits cell degradation
    • Reduces inflammation
    • Preserves bone strength
    • Enhances cartilage
    • Promotes youthfulness

Serving Size .35mL (5 drops) - 25mg c60 Fullerene / .5mg Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

120 Servings per Container



Nearly Normal, Satisfied User

"This is by far the highest concentration of quality C60 in a bottle. The biggest alternative that's doing a "sponsored" push on Amazon here is 1/10 of the C60, and costs roughly as much when considered per ml. This has put vigor back into my days and I've lived through Covid times while being out and about (in masks, but not always possible) without any ailment. I don't feel tired in the afternoons anymore despite long days of Zoom. Great product. My pets are going to their pet mix too."

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