Amy Deluxe Small Rips 470 Black - White

Regular price $129.00

This hookah has everything a shisha smoker's heart desires. It is delivered complete including silicone hose and aluminum mouthpiece.

In addition, a clay head and a chimney attachment are included. 

The holes drilled into the immersion tube have a pleasant diffuser effect. The hookah is opened and closed with a click lock.

If you want to smoke as a couple, this shisha is the perfect way to do so.  buy a hose adapter and a second hose set.


Closure: Click closure
Color: Black
Size: 60 cm
Tubes: 1-2
Weight: 3.54 kg


Included in the delivery:

  • Natural tobacco head + hot screen
  • Charcoal plate
  • Smoke column with 2 base
  • Bowl with click
  • Silicone hose
  • Aluminum mouthpiece
  • 1 hose

The Amy Deluxe Small Rips Shisha is one of the most popular shisha from the Amy range. Amy as a brand itself is one of the most popular brands, if not number 1 on the market, when it comes to hookahs. This brand stands for its extraordinarily good quality at a more than just reasonable price. If you start smoking shisha with an Amy water pipe, you will be so positively surprised that you don't even want to switch to another brand.

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