ALPS OutdoorZ Grand Slam Turkey Vest for Men

Regular price $220.00

Designed for total performances in all phases of the hunt, the ALPS OutdoorZ® Grand Slam Turkey Vest for Men has you covered like no other vest on the market. Its convenient sit-anywhere, removable kickstand frame lets you stop and stake out your perfect spot in seconds, complete with adjustable legs and fast-locking technology. A removable, padded, 2.5"-thick, fold-away seat gives you unbeatable comfort while waiting out your target. This ALPS OutdoorZ turkey vest has virtually unlimited storage options: A removable, protective diaphragm-call pocket; 2 slate-call pockets; a striker pocket for 3 strikers and 1 larger locator call; extra locator-call pocket; smartphone sleeve to use your phone even while it stays in the pocket; protective and silent box-call pocket; 5 shell loops; 2 side/water-bottle pockets; and 2 zip mesh interior pockets. The bloodproof game bag holds your harvest easily, while detachable shoulder straps and side compression straps adjust to different body types for maximum comfort. Weight: 7 lbs. 2 oz. with frame, 4 lbs. 10 oz. without frame.

  • Sit-anywhere, removable kickstand frame
  • Adjustable legs and fast-locking technology
  • Swivel feet
  • Removable, padded, 2.5"-thick, fold-away seat
  • Removable, protective diaphragm-call pocket
  • Detachable shoulder straps for maximum shooting comfort
  • 2 slate-call pockets
  • Breathable blood-proof game bag
  • Striker pocket: holds 3 strikers and 1 larger locator call
  • Locator-call pocket
  • Smartphone sleeve: lets you use phone while still in pocket
  • Protective and silent box-call pocket
  • 5 shell loops
  • H2O-compatible (reservoir not included)
  • 2 side/water bottle pockets
  • 2 zip mesh interior pockets
  • Side compression straps adjust to different body types

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