1 Gram CBD oil Swissx gold label in a practical can


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1 Gram CBD oil (1,000 ml) Swissx Gold Label in a practical can

Three days supply of constant use - Approximately 5 servings - 57% pure CBD strength.  The CBD oil from Swissx is a high-dose CBD oil in the usual quality of the CBD Gold Label series. The Swissx CBD Oil Gold Label is ideal for those who prefer Pure and Strong CBD products.

The CBD oil from Swissx GoldLabel belongs to the upper elite of the available CBD oils with a CBD share of 30%. and 0.1% THC

The CBD Oil Swissx Gold Label has a waxy consistency.

    • Product: CBD Oil Swissx Gold Label1 g 30% cannabidiol
    • Amount: 1 g / 1000 ml
    • CBD: 30% cannabidiol
    • THC: 0.1%
    • Ingredients: CBD oil from:
    • hemp seeds
    • coconut oil
    • Made in Switzerland