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Global First-Mover Advantage

Anakando SwissX AG, founded by Alkiviades David in Gstaad, Switzerland in 2015 has first mover advantage as the first ever mainstream CBD brand. Swissx products are, available everywhere from Beverly Hills doctors’ offices to high-end health food stores. Swissx is also the first CBD product to be made available in the world’s most trusted convenience store, 7-11.

Initial investors include full and part-time Gstaad residents from the U.S., Sweden, the United Kingdom and the UAE.

Swissx products are the purest Plant Medicine available and its products are made from genetically modified strains grown in the Swiss mountain air. They power retail, wholesale, media and franchise operations globally. The company runs on Switzerland’s impeccable craftsmanship and innovation, as well as its sophisticated business and financial practices.

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