Swissx TV Wireless Headphones

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NOW WITH DIGITAL CONNECTION! TV Wireless Headphones let you enjoy TV without disturbing others. Just connect the transmitter/base to your TV, slip on the headphones and enjoy your shows, up to 160 feet away. Headphones charge easily on the base. Runs up to 5 hours on a full charge. Compatible with virtually all TVs, including Smart TVs with digital audio output ("TOSLINK"). Available in Black or Silver.

• Compatible with virtually all TV sets, including today’s newest Smart TVs

• Watch TV at your personal preferred volume level without disturbing others

• No Wi-Fi or Bluetooth necessary — operates on reliable UHF stereo frequencies (2.4GHz digital technology)

• 160-ft. wireless range (unobstructed)

• Operates approximately 5 hours on a full charge

• Comfortable padded design

• Available in Black or Silver

• Simple “top charging” cradle make charging foolproof

• Volume control on headphones

• Low power alert

• Auto On / Off protects hardware and conserves battery power

• In addition to TVs, this device can be used with virtually any other audio source (radio, stereo, MP3 player, etc.)

• Also works as a traditional wired headphones with the included 3.5mm cable

• Transmission mode: UHF stereo

• Carrier Frequency: 2.4GHz

• Operation Voltage (Base Unit): DC5V

• Operation Voltage (Headphones): DC3.7V

• Frequency response: 20Hz-20kHz

• Distortion: <0.5% at 1KHz

• S/N Ratio: <95dB

• Charger/transmitter base plugs into an AC outlet