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10 High Grade Quartz Coil Vapes!

Patented Blends 

Sleep- Full Spectrum CBD helps to activate your natural Endocannabinoid system providing a range of pre-clinically studied health benefits such as reduced pain and inflammation, reduced stress levels, and a better night’s sleep. Premium Organic Nano-CBD

 Energy- Alpha Pinene, found in cannabis, orange peels, pine needles, basil, parsley, alpha pinene has shown to improve memory retention and promote feelings of energy. Blended with our Premium Organic Nano-CBD.

Meditate- Linalool, found in cannabis, lavender, coriander, flowers and spices, linalool has shown to be effective as an antidepressant and produce anti-anxiety properties. Blended with our Premium Organic Nano-CBD.

Nano CBD Oil means CBD that is broken down into tiny particles. These tiny particles attack the targeted areas. It is very effective for athletes. There are some ingredients like the hemp plant that consists of 150 cannabinoids. It has many more ingredients that support better health.

 Mouthpiece: Food grade POM  material
 Heat element: Special quartz coil and cotton arroud outside.
 Size: 99mm*10mm
 Cartridge capacity: 0.3ml (0.5ml can be customized)
 Cartridge resistance: 1.3ohm
 Oil intake: 1.6mm (Other size can be customized)

 Battery capacity: 320Mah
 Battery voltage: 3.2V
 short-circuit protection
 Long inhaling protection
 Low voltage protection
 Mouthpiece color: White and black
 Battery color: Standard white and black, other colors could be customized
 Suitable for very thick oil. 

Options of 0.3, 0.5 and 1 ML are available!

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