DreamLab Glass Graal Tech Xenocycler - "Gemini Vortex"

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DreamLab Glass Graal Tech Xenocycler - "Gemini Vortex" (7")

Traversing through endless wormholes across infinite galaxies comes this fully worked Graal Tech Xenocycler from the legends at DreamLab Glass. We are extremely honored to introduce and celebrate this super custom collaboration between our two companies. Dubbed the Gemini Vortex, she perfectly embodies the potential of cosmic evolution, ripping apart the fabric of space-time with her duality of CFL colored, anti-matter reactor plumbings for both the uptakes and drains providing enhanced gravity propulsion and flight stability. The translucent parts of this craft shift in color from purple to blue as you expose them to different compound fluorescent lights. The two-hole fuel injection diffuser allows the vapor to filter smoothly while still preserving taste and terpenes. A built-in drip catch collects excess reclaim to reduce oil intake into the main-engines. A true work of art, this rig is primed for takeoff and ready for interstellar exploration with its captain. Comes with a custom fitted Boulder Case and your choice a 10mm luxury banger from our selection. 



  • DreamLab Signature Xenocycler Shape
  • Vortex Tessellation Graal Tech Blasting on Body
  • Checkered Graal Tech Blasting on Mouthpiece
  • Double Uptake
  • Dual Drain
  • Drip Catch
  • Two-Hole Diffuser
  • CFL Purple and Blue Coloring
  • DreamLab Logo Etched on Base
  • 10mm Female Joint
  • 10mm Male Quartz Banger
  • 7" Height
  • Made in Evergreen, CO USA