Corydalis Root Powder

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The Corydalis genus contains around 470 plants, and they thrive in mountainous areas. They are very common in China, Japan and the Himalayas. This root has analgesic, tranquilizing and antispasmodic properties. It can help relieve aches and pains associated with muscle and menstrual cramps, abdominal pain, and headaches. The root can be made into a tea, or taken in tincture form.

Recent studies have isolated the component in corydalis called dehydrocorybulbine (DHCB), an analgesic that does not diminish effectiveness (does not require increased dosage to provide relief) with use over time as some pain relievers can. Though more studies will be needed to evaluate the overall effects of corydalis, it has been screened along with 9 other traditional Chinese medicines known to be analgesics. Out of nearly 500 isolated compounds, only DHCB in corydalis induced a verified, reproducible effect.

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