1% NFT OWNERSHIP of Chief Keef's BMW I8 + 7LBs of Chronic Weed still inside (#3)

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Own 1% of Chief Keef's BMW I8!

#3 of 100

Chief Keef’s prized BMW i8 is sitting comfortably in Alki David’s million-dollar driveway.  This BMW I8 Comes with 7 Lbs of Fresh CaliKosher Bud! -COA Included

*Currently available for bidding as-well as a buyout.

David Repossessed the i8 in late 2015, after suspending the rapper as punishment for his alleged misbehavior and it seems the two are still at an impasse.

This is not the first time the Greek billionaire has publicly addressed his issues with the Sosa rapper, he has scolded Keef for performing in unauthorized shows, making unapproved music videos, and his management's Choices. 


Own The Original Art in the Background!

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