Bill Clinton - Remy Bond (1% NFT)

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buy out now! NFT buy out now!
the image below is the original artwork
that you can buy out now!

Remy Bond's Oversized pop art classic of President Bill Clinton now in this incredible NFT Hoodie that you can scan and check om the price of your investment!

Group Invest in a Piece, or buy it whole!-A Buyout will Buy all other owners shares of the piece-(Contact

Invest in a Timeless Piece of Art Poised for growth in the near future!

Total Piece Value $48,000 (100 Parts)

Receive Electronic Certificate of Ownership as-well as Network Recognition for 10 Years, and a spot right here on the Art Piece's List of Owners (Optional)

Artist: Remy Bond / original

Original Size: 4 feet by 3 feet

Year: 2010

Medium: Canvas/Acrylics

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