Amy universal joint adapter stainless steel

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Amy universal joint adapter stainless steel
Product information "Amy universal joint adapter stainless steel"

With this Amy ball joint adapter you can add other silicone hoses to your Amy Deluxe or Amir's stainless steel water pipe. The joint adapter has a different cut, via which the upper part of the adapter can be removed for cleaning or for a quick hose change. The stainless steel adapter is easily screwed onto the base and equipped with a silicone hose. The hose can currently be rotated or rotated in all directions using the ball joint. be swiveled. The hose connector is embedded in the adapter one way or another and equipped with other grooves, so that the hose can be easily removed for cleaning.

Amy Deluxe ball joint hose
adapter - stainless steel, compatible with the following product models: Amy Stick stainless steel models, Amir's stainless steel hookahs, which are already equipped with a joint adapter.

total height approx. 10cm
height of the joint: approx. 3cm
inner diameter of the thread: approx. 16 millimeters

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