Anakando Swissx AG



The Anakando Swissx corporate headquarters is located at Chalet Wispile, historically one of the oldest buildings in Switzerland. The chalet was built in 1740 at a time when hemp farming was booming in the region.

Chalet Wispile has since been completely restored as the Swissx HQ and equipped with labyrinthine underground production facilities.

Today almost 300 years later Swissx continues Swiss hemp farming traditions of quality tincture extraction and hemp oil production.

While most CBD oils contain only 10% cannabinoids, the rest being waxy plant byproducts, SwissX CBD oil is 65% pure CBD and a blend of organically grown essential oils including bee pollen, ginseng, epicedium and many other blends that truly enhances the wellness effects of Swissx Cannabis products.

Rich in neuro protectants antioxidants immune and nervous system supporting compounds, Swissx is a powerful addition to your daily wellness routine through a patented formula of CBD that genetically multiplies hemp seed extract.

The seeds are harvested from an exclusive strain of CBD rich plants in the Swiss alps near Gstaad. Our plants thrive on pure mountain air and water--there are never any pesticides just love For The Higher Good.