Swissx Alchemy - Hollywood Location Plant Medicine Pharmacy & Food Lab

Plant Medicine
At Swissx Hollywood you will find our veritable Plant Pharmacy with an open Food Lab, where you can watch Professor Joseph Barsuglia Phd. preparing a host of Plant Medicine formulas in our open kitchen/lab customized for your own personal needs.

Bringing together deep knowledge of Ancient Plant Medicine and the safe effective base CBD oil produced in Switzerland, the Swissx Hollywood location provides its customers a safe environment to create custom CBD based oil and food products.

We are passionate about creating a healthy sanctuary for the community by collaborating with other people who are as passionate as we are about plant-based food, wellness, and education. Through our partnerships with local farmers, we can provide hand-picked seasonal, organic health food & desserts and nutrient-rich juices, wellness shots, and elixirs that have the power to not only satisfy gourmands, but heal those in need.