Swissx Farming Cooperative Program

Swissx Cooperative Farming Program



To maximize the benefits of progressive legal change sweeping the world, Swissx is working to provide everything needed to maximize returns in the globe's fastest growing market. The value in setting up infrastructure and knowledge around cannabis growing and selling now is immeasurable. Our partners know they need to move quickly to secure their position before others crowd the field. And they know they can trust our fair trade policies and that we will respect their independent control of their land and labor.

What we offer:

Knowledge: We teach best practices in planting, tending and harvesting, as gathered by our experts who have decades of growing experience around the world.

Seeds: We pay for the highest quality seeds specially calibrated for market needs and the soil and microclimate being farmed.

Quality Control: We manage all quality control from seed to harvest--there is no guess work on the partner’s end.

How it works:

• We co-own the plants while they are in the ground.

• We buy all BioMass and Flower, guaranteed.

• We split revenues at 50/50 on market rate.

• Partners who excel at caring for plants will produce higher value Flower and Shake.

After harvest:

Our team can teach local operations luxury level sorting, grading, extraction and packing techniques. It’s like an apprenticeship with the best in the business. Swiss craftsmanship in your own region.

We have the capacity to buy crops from hundreds of thousands of acres, but time is of the essence. Many institutions are working with us including governments, hospitals and universities. We are also committed to developing small farmer cooperatives that will create jobs in regions that have been left behind by the global economy.

Alki David, CEO of Swissx, says, “The Caribbean can and will be the Wall Street of Cannabis, the Silicon Valley, the Hollywood. The time to move on this is now"