Questions & Answers


1. Are there any psychoactive properties?

No, our products are all made from non psycho active compounds so there is not mental effect. Here is are the analytics

2.  How do I know the product is safe and pure?

Being Swiss we have a very strict quality control systems in place including testing by the top third party laboratories in Europe and the United States. We constantly analyze all of our products for potency, and test for any impurities. Our products contain no artificial components. Just pure organically grown CBD and essentials oils that includes bee's wax and coconut.

3. Is it Legal?

Swissx CBD products are the only ones in the World extracted purely from hemp seeds as compared to other whole or in part plant products.

4. How Much Should I Take?

We suggest three to four drops or as needed, taken daily. Put these drops under your tongue. sub-lingually.

Topical Application: Apply gently to cuts and abrasions, age spots and keratosis.

5. Will it enhance My Heart, Mind, Soul, etc?

We have created Swissx For The Higher Good.  We can’t legally make any claims about CDB oils medical benefits.

6. Can I give it to my pets?

Most certainly, CBD like to its human counterparts,  animals will feel great improvement in their skin, fur, eyesight, pain and most importantly for their Higher Good.

Always consult your physician before starting any new dietary supplement.