You could say we’re obsessed, but we like to thing we’re a good obsessed. We’re all about unlocking the health benefits of CBD while also making top of the line products that actually taste good. Sounds easy but you’d be surprised. End result though is products we can really stand behind.

Solu+ Nano CBD is the foundation of all our products. With greater bioavailability, faster onset, increased absorption, and water soluble – this is truly the industry standard. Next, we focused on adding ingredients that we’re truly proud of. End result is all natural, keto friendly, BPA free, vegan, non GMO, lab tested products made here in the USA. Most importantly, they’re delicious – getting your daily dose of CBD never tasted so good.

What you won’t find in our products – gross ingredients, fillers, bottom shelf CBD or bad vibes. So, basically what we’re saying is Catch Wavze now and start experiencing all the relaxing and recovery benefits of Solu+ Nano CBD. Enjoy!