Taos was built on the pillars of Tranquility, Adventure, Outdoors, and Spirit. Our mission is to inspire wellness on your personal journey by providing the highest quality, USA-grown, hemp-derived CBD products that fit seamlessly into your active lifestyle and enhance the balance of your body and mind.

Each Taos CBD product caters to your adventurous spirit and commitment to wellness, while ensuring efficacy and safety. Sustainably grown at our very own farms in Kentucky, Colorado, and Oregon, our hemp is third-party lab tested, so you know exactly what goes into each product and exactly what you will get. You never have to worry about psychoactive ingredients because each non-GMO tincture, bath bomb, capsule, and topical is 100% THC free.

We passionately strive to help you experience all of the world’s wonders without anything holding you back and we are excited to be your companion on this journey together.