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Pipe Gemstone Clear Quartz (10-Pack)

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Pipe Gemstone Clear Quartz (10-Pack)

For crystal connoisseurs is clear, the stone always seeks you out – The quartz crystals are used worldwide as a healing stone. As a tumbled stone, it is often placed under pillows, as it is supposed to provide a restful sleep. As a pointed clear crystal, it is said to protect against dark energies as a light stone and is often used in meditations. So the healing stone should also help the personality to develop. At the same time, the stone should provide new energy and help to be more attentive and to face his counterpart with more sensitivity

*Crystals are a natural product and sometimes have small inclusions or fracture lines. This does not affect the use of the item. Never treat natural stone with acids. Use only lukewarm water and alkali-free soaps for cleaning. Rinse the pipes with lukewarm water before use. 

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