Ancient Cat Pendant

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Ancient Bronze Cat from Luristac Era (1500-600 B.C.) with Multi-Colored Sapphires, Emeralds, Diamonds, and Opal.

A Persian tale claims the cat was created magically. The great Persian hero Rustum, out on campaign, one night saved a magician from a band of thieves. Rustum offered the older man the hospitality of his tent and, as they sat outside under the stars, enjoying the warmth of a fire, the magician asked Rustum what he wished for as a gift in repayment for saving the man’s life. Rustum told him that there was nothing he desired since everything he could want, he already had before him in the warmth and comfort of the fire, the scent of the smoke and the beauty of the stars overhead. The magician then took a handful of smoke, added flame, and brought down two of the brightest stars, kneading them together in his hands and blowing on them. When he opened his hands toward Rustum, the warrior saw a small, smoke-grey kitten with eyes bright as the stars and a tiny tongue which darted like the tip of flame. In this way, the first Persian cat came to be created as a token of gratitude to Rustum.

  • 1.36cts diamonds
  • 0.11cts emeralds
  • 0.56cts multi-color sapphires
  • 12.45cts opals
  • 20K yellow gold

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