Cloud 9 Switzerland

Cloud 9 Switzerland is a life sciences company offering both premium hemp nutraceuticals for the wellness market and pharmaceuticals for the medical market, developing therapies for glaucoma, asthma, and pain using cannabis and other medicinal plants.

VIVA is our registered trademark for our nutraceutical range of products. As part of the cannabis edibles market segment, chocolate is a very good vector for allowing the consumer to obtain or complement their daily cannabinoid needs. We first developed a premium quality dark Swiss chocolate for the US market containing a natural broad spectrum cannabidiol CBD hemp extract in three flavours: plain dark; orange and ginger; and moringa and mint.

Our goal is to combine the healthy virtues of cocoa with hemp and other plants known for their health benefits: ginger is well known for alleviating stomach and intestinal issues, while moringa is considered a wonder plant capable of boosting immunity. Many consumers, including children, take CBD oils daily; so, we wanted to offer a more enjoyable way of achieving the desired therapeutic benefits.