Ultimate Yoga Hack: The Beauty of the CBD Namaste

Want to hit that next level pose in yoga class next week? More and more yogis are realizing CBD oils like Swissx’s pure oils made in Gstaad, Switzerland, are the perfect compliment to a date with the mat. Breathwork, postures and mediation are all aided by the centering effects of the cannabinoids in CBD. Since both the practice of yoga and the soothing effects of CBD aim to calm the nervous system and fight the noise of the world, they’re a perfect compliment to each other.

This is not some crazy trip: remember CBD has no THC (or sometimes the smallest trace amounts). It has no psychoactive effect and can’t get you high. If you think about the fact that it’s used to treat extreme cases of anxiety and depression--even those associated with PTSD--it’s pretty easy to think about how much more chill it can make your time in class, moving from pose to pose.

According to Vice,  "The connection between cannabis and yoga can be traced back to the practice’s ancient Indian roots: Cannabis is referred to in the Vedas as one of five sacred plants, and images of the Lord Shiva with his chillumare ubiquitous."

Much of the conversation around CBD and wellness centers on its amazing anti-inflammatory qualities. But it also has the effect of heightening physical sensations, aiding in awareness that will help promote taking deeper, slower and more intentional breaths. Ultimately the mind-body connection is what Yoga is all about, and CBD increases that. 

It’s recommended you ingest your CBD about half an hour before you do yoga, perhaps leading into your guided meditation. And if you do strain and pull something out there don’t fear. CBD can ease the pain after the session too.

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