Top Ten Ways To Spice Up Your Sex Life With CBD Oil

Can you have a better sex life with the help of cannabis? Yes you can and the easiest, most relaxing, and legal way to do it is with high quality CBD products whether in oil or smokable form.. CBD, or cannabidiol, is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid from the cannabis plant that is increasingly being used to treat different illnesses and help people deal with pain. However, aside from helping to relieve certain health conditions, everything from arthritis to psoriasis to PTSD, CBD is also beneficial for improving our overall well-being and, as it turns out, getting busy too!

Sex sounds simple, but it's a complicated act technically speaking. This is because in order for you to feel sexual desire, two of your bodily systems need to function properly. These are your sexual inhibition system and sexual excitation system. These two need to work together to put you in the mood for sexual activity.

The number one way CBD can help your sex life?

1. Relax: CBD helps the bodies two systems work together to decrease feelings of stress and anxiety through chemical reactions. Users think more clearly and become less nervous,

2. Become a better lover: Once that relaxation kicks in, you can be more present for your partner. More present means more in tune with their needs.

3. Better boners: For men, cannabinoids can help with erectile dysfunction. It does this by being able to repair tissue damage and improve blood flow.  CBD flushes dioxin from the body--a major cause of ED. 

4. Get wetter: For women, CBD can help with vaginal dryness.

5. Action: CBD has the ability to naturally boost energy--so you won't konk out before she gets off!

6. Ease it in: CBD also can reduce pain. If it does it for major diseases, it can certainly help with vaginal or anal pain associated with penetration. 

7. Better afterglow: Since there's no hangover or other side effects you might get if you were using alcohol to reduce inhibitions, you can do it knowing you'll still get a good nights' sleep.

There you have it. Seven solid reasons to incorporate CBD products in your sex life.  Be sure you're using quality oils or smokables, and you can even look for some that have special formulations with other natural products like Horny Goat Weed to further boost libido. 



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