Swissx reveals source of organic bee pollen in its CBD oil

Rudy Delarenta

It's long been known that bee pollen may have medical and wellness benefits. What many don't know is that all bee pollens are not created equal. Those collected from bees in the Greek Islands--thought to be the first place on Earth to cultivate bees--is the healthiest of all. For Swissx, which prides itself on deriving its CBD oil from custom hemp strains grown in the pure mountain air of Gstaad, Switzerland, it was imperative that the bee pollen be just as high quality. 

Swissx searched and found that the bee pollen from the island of Spetses, rose above all others. One of the reasons is that the bees feed on the rare strawberry tree.  Along with the antioxidant effects the super food bee pollen brings, it is also believed to help with energy, memory and sleep.

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