Swissx launches in United States with purest CBD oil available

Rudy Delarenta

America is becoming more and more aware of the benefits of cannabinoid products to help with all kinds of health issues such as anxiety. That awareness has led some companies to innovate with methods to make purer and stronger hemp products. Swissx has just launched in the United States with the purest CBD oil yet available--a hemp oil made entirely from seeds and no psycho active effects. 

The product is available online worldwide and is being carried by top health food stores in some of the most discerning zip codes in America including Alchemy Health Foods in Beverly Hills, and the Vitamin Barn in Malibu, California. Buy online here.

Swissx products are made from customized strains grown in the pure mountain air of Gstaad, Switzerland. A patented extraction process produces pure CBD oil entirely from cannabis seed, insuring maximum health benefits.  

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