Men: Shape Up Your Look with CBD Grooming

Men are often the last to jump in to a new product category when it comes to grooming. Sometimes makers of beauty products result to gimmicks to get their attention. (Think Beer Shampoo from the 70's, or the profusion of beard oils with lumberjack-like names in the more recent hipster era.)  But the newest craze in grooming needs no gimmick. CBD oil based products have an actual ingredient that actually does something. 

Cannabinoids are the completely natural compound that triggers the wellness benefits in CBD oil (provided you're using a quality product like Swissx oils grown in Switzerland). The beauty of CBD is it has all kind of great effects on your body but none on your mind -- that is unless you count feeling good as being good for your over all sense of well being and peacefulness which you should. With only trace amounts of THC--the compound in cannabis that gets you high--CBD products are legal in most places and safe to use anytime. 

The reason CBD oils are becoming popular in beauty and grooming products ties to their ability to reduce inflammation.  Many  products are geared towards CBD oil's anti-inflammatory benefits because "the primary receptor for CBD is found on immune cells," which is where inflammation takes place, Adam Friedman, MD, a dermatologist in Washington D.C. told Many skin conditions are the result of inflammation. 

The other reason CBD is doing so well in beauty and grooming products right now is that it helps other ingredients like Vitamin C or retinol improve their performance. “CBD is a great piggy-back ingredient,” Dr. TK told Esquire magazine.  “Retinol is a very well-known, potent anti-aging ingredient that can cause a lot of inflammation in the skin. To counterbalance that, we’re using CBD to help calm the skin while delivering retinol.” 

So when using CBD for skincare, start with facial oils and moisturizers. Moisturizers will usually contain other ingredients that are great for skin and can only work better with a shot of CBD. Facial oils, especially for those with dry skin, can help deliver more-concentrated calming benefits since there are usually fewer ingredients (and higher concentrations of CBD) than cream-based products. I’d also suggest trying an eye cream, because we should all be using eye cream, and the soothing benefits of CBD can help reduce puffiness.

Now don't just go dumping regular CBD oils on your face at night--you won't sleep and the oils might actually make you break out more. But using a properly designed CBD infused moisturizer, like the new product line coming from Swissx Labs, can help according to Dr. Tony Nakhla of New York City. “CBD has a calming effect or an anti-inflammatory effect on the skin,” says Dr. Nakhla. “It was found to reduce free radicals and help with the reduction of things like sun-induced aging. A couple of studies have shown that it also reduces oil production, so people who get clogged pores and acne can benefit from topical CBD.”

More research on CBD oil and its benefits is needed, but according to Dr. Friedman  the ingredient's ability to regulate cell growth, reduce inflammation, and stimulate important fats in the skin and sebaceous glands could help inform treatments for other skin issues, such as dry skin, psoriasis, and eczema.

Add that to everything else CBD products are good for and you have a powerful new weapon to pack in your medicine cabinet. 


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