Attack the Zits! How CBD Can Subdue Problem Acne

Of all the spectacular wellness benefits associated with CBD oil, one of the most surprising and mundane me be its ability to help with acne. As an anti-inflammatory substance, it’s clear that it can help with redness. We also know that it helps slow down the body’s production of sebum, which contributes to oily skin. 

But cannibinoids, the substance in CBD that creates all the magic (and won’t get you high), has another trick to help with acne. So much acne is stress related (funny because having acne causes stress too and thus an endless cycle). CBD oils like Swissx help relieve anxiety. They are stress killers. So between the reduction of sebum production and the good vibes CBD gives off, clearer skin is starting to seem attainable.

In fact, doctors say have found that CBD oil is more effective than Vitamin A based medicines like Accutane. The National Center for Biotechnical Information tested CBD based creams on acne with great results: “It was well tolerated for the reduction of skin sebum and erythema content. Its improved efficacy could be suggested for treatment of acne vulgaris, seborrhea, papules and pustules to get an attractive facial appearance.”

CBD can be used topically in creams, but taking the oil internally--as with Swissx’s convenient syringe--can be just as beneficial for acne. The oil can also help other skin conditions such as eczema, and its anti-oxidant qualities are even being tested for anti-aging qualities.  Doctor Keith R. Durante of the Ash Center in New York City even recommends CBD for psoriasis.

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