Swissx Labs AG Gets Perfect Score From Top Analytical Lab

Rudy Delarenta

The finest CBD Oil available, Swissx recieved perfect scores from the top hemp analysis laboratory, Analytical 360 in Yakima, WA. Proving its patented extraction process, which maximizes the yield from hemp seeds, works, the lab noted the purity of Swissx's CBD oil and the lack of pscyhoactive compounds. 

This result comes from years of painstaking care: cultivating proprietary strains of hemp and inventing the extraction process. Because Swissx CBD oil is made only from seeds, it is available in more regions than any other CBD product. It has recently launched in health food stores and juice bars in top zip codes around the Los Angeles area and is rapidly expanding. Swissx is also available online. 

With its slogan, "For the Higher Good," Swissx is truly working to provide consumers with the finest CBD oil for use in their own wellness regimes. Uses have been said to include battling anxiety, arthritis, diabetes and even side effects of cancer treatement. Because there are no pyschoactive ingredients, Swissx CBD oil is safe for everyone. (Of course, you should consult with your doctor before using for any medical condition). 


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