Studies Show CBD Oil May Be Useful in Treating PTSD

Rudy Delarenta

Hemp based products are often associated with recreational use, but increasingly, scientists are understanding the benefits of one element of the plant, cannabinoids, and their beneficial effects. Hand in hand comes one the increased understanding of a condition that has dogged the modern world since World War I: PTSD  of post-traumatic stress disorder. It's an anxiety condition, that is frequently caused by military combat or sexual assault. Memories of the incidents, even flashbacks can be debilitating. Roughly 20 percent of military veterans who served in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars suffer from PTSD and depression, according to a 2012 VA report. And a recent study found that the suicide rate among those veterans suffering from PTSD is 50 percent higher than the national average.But even the milder seeming symptoms can ruin lives: social isolation and  chronic insomnia. Its persistance is credited to changes in brain chemistry that occur during the traumatic incident or time period--when adrenaline and hormones go into overdrive. 

Many are prescribed anitdepressants and antipsychotics but these drugs have little positive effect and some even increase the incidences of suicidal thoughts. The pharmaceutical industry has no real response to PTSD. Because people who have suffered trauma are also at risk of substance abuse, its not always safe for them to use hemp products that include psychoactive compounds--but pure CBD like that made by Swissx (with its patented extraction process used on hemp seeds grown in Gstaad, Switzerland), are increasingly suggested by doctors for relief of PTSD symptoms.

Leo Bridgewater who  served three tours for the U.S. in Iraq and Afghanistan told the Huffington Post that after he began taking CBD oil, "The nightmares stopped and the agitated feelings associated with the disorder begin to melt away."

Since pure, lab tested CBD oils like Swissx Gold Label products are safe and legal--they're an ideal for research into helping those who suffer  PTSD. Anxiety and insomnia are on the top of many lists of symptoms that people say they use CBD for, so its a natural fit. PTSD patients are advised to first consult a medical professional before treating symptoms with cannabis.

What saddens Bridgewater, as he told the Huffington Post, is the brothers who were crushed by PTSD before this solution became widely known. “It eats away at me, the idea that if they would have had access to this, like I have access to it, it just eats away at me that they didn’t have access ― maybe they could still be here,” Bridgewater said.

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