Major Studies Suggest CBD Oil Helps with Seizures

Rudy Delarenta

The benefits of CBD oils like Swissx's from Switzerland, continue to amaze. But real research is going on all the time and one of the most fascinating potential uses for CBD oil is in helping with those who suffer seizures. Even Consumer Reports (which you might think of when you need a new microwave or can opener more than for cutting edge alternative medicine and wellness) has jumped in to study the possibilities of CBD oil and seizures. 

In 2013 reports that the chemical called cannabidiol (CBD) had reduced the seizures of a 6-year-old girl from near-death levels to almost zero sent people desperate for more information. Charlotte Figi was said to be suffering 300 grand mal seizures per week and couldn't walk, talk, or eat. Existing medications had failed her. But CBD, which was safe because its has no pscyhoactive effects, or "high", reduced her seizures drastically, and she made a full mental recovery. 

As Consumer Reports says, "By most estimates, existing seizure medications fail about one-third of all sufferers, either because the drugs don't stop the seizures or because the side effects are too severe. As Figi's story spread, families with loved ones suffering from this type of epilepsy (which can range from seriously debilitating to life-threatening) began relocating from states where CBD could not be legally obtained to states where it could. At least some of them reported similarly miraculous responses to it." 


It's not official yet, and no one should attempt to treat themselves for a serious condition like epilepsy without consulting a doctor. But along with the known beneficial effects of CBD like relaxation and its ability to reduce anxiety (which Swissx CBD oil, with all of its purity, is especially good at), It would be a shame to not explore the possibilities further.
Even Scientific American published a lengthy study, concluding:  "Researchers, including those who were involved in the study published last December, hope to address these limitations in currently running blind and placebo-controlled clinical trials testing CBD on Dravetsufferers as well as Lennox–Gastaut syndrome, another drug-resistant form of epilepsy. In the meantime most clinicians and researchers, including those involved in the trial, advise “cautious optimism” when considering CBD as an epilepsy treatment."

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