Does CBD Actually Treat the Symptoms of Epilepsy? A Closer Look.

Alexander Kharytonov

There’s no denying it—CBD is in vogue. Alongside the burgeoning legal-ish marijuana market in states like California, Denver, and Washington (not to mention entire countries like Canada), it’s the new, hip buzzword on store shelves. The increasingly ubiquitous three letters are showing up in everything from chocolates to face creams, following the well-worn path of other wellness crazes. Skeptical consumers will often view this pattern with distrust, especially when retailers promise benefits for a laundry list of ailments ranging from anxiety to cancer. But what does the science say about CBD?

The field of marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) research is still fairly young, so the claims of medical benefits have relied on anecdotal evidence for many years. But recently, a slew of rigorous, peer-reviewed studies have come out in support of the marijuana-derived substance. For instance, a study published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine in May 2017, found that CBD reduced the number of seizures in patients who suffered from Dravet syndrome, a genetic seizure disorder in children. 

Dravet syndrome has been especially difficult to treat traditionally. Conventional anti-epileptic medications have proved insufficient at preventing or reducing seizures in Dravet patients. Researchers chose to test the effectiveness of CBD after hearing success stories from parents.

This study represents a huge step in the field of medical cannabis. Prior to this paper, few studies followed a randomized double-blind protocol, the gold standard for clinical research. 

What does this mean for you? Well, it means you can trust the claim that CBD reduces the symptoms of epilepsy. Other studies have confirmed benefits for other medical disorders, like autism, Parkinson's, and multiple sclerosis, not to mention the host of anti-inflammatory and anxiolytic benefits.

But like with any supplement, the benefits are only as good as the quality. Not all CBD products are made equal. Swissx CBD contains a uniquely high level of purity—57 percent, whereas most products are usually around 10 percent. Everything from the plants themselves to the patented extraction method guarantees that Swissx outlasts any passing fad. 

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