Arthritis and CBD Oil: Can Seniors Find Relief?

Rudy Delarenta

New studies show that seniors--65 and older--are the fastest growing segment of users of hemp products, as laws get modernized and perceived stigma falls away.  Soon, the Globe and Mail says, CBD oils like Swissx will be as common around the old folks home as bifocals.

Of course the debilitating disease arthritis does not just affect the elderly: its estimated there 50 million Americans suffer from it.  And there is no cure.

But since hemp products have a better safety profile than the usual steroid or opiates--drugs which have a high risk of heart attack, stroke, weakening of bones and of course addiction.  One Canadian woman told the Globe and Mail she was taking 5 Tylenol with Codeine tablets a day to alleviate her pain--now she takes just CBD oil. The oil, which has none of the psychoactive effects some associate with cannabis, has been shown to be as much as 20 times more effective than aspirin at reducing inflammation and can be an effective sleep aid

The health site Fresh Toast, quotes an Israeli study  that “found that 90 percent of medical marijuana patients stayed on their medicine regimen and most reported reduced pain and function. Researchers at the University of Nottingham noted that targeting cannabinoid receptors with medical marijuana products may help bring pain relief to knee joint pain associated with osteoarthritis.”

CBD oils like Swissx--which besides coming from the seed of custom strains growing high in the mountains of Gstaad, Switzerland so they have no contaminants-- also add organic Greek honey and coconut oil  with their additional wellness benefits.

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