Scott Storch UNMINTED (2/10) Stanley Enow - 1% Ownership NFT El Palucho

Regular price $500.00
Platinum Producer Scott Storch bought 10 Bears and reselling
them for the Stanley Enow Foundation

I'm really proud to be a part of this NFT movement he started. Every time this NFT is traded you'll be sending money to kids in Cameroon who really need it. Swissx will mint this one within 24 hours if you buy now!

Whoever buys No 2 of my 10 Bears gets a special box pack with a gold-framed miniature with NFC chip for authentication. Includes exclusive content Scott is making for this series. 

Stanley Enow is doing great work with his foundation in Cameroon. We had a great time developing a fantastic Afrobeat sound for his next album.

By buying it you can give hope to young people in West Africa and offer them an education that they can truly help then build back a better World!

10 Bears is 10% Ownership of the diamond encrusted El Palucho bear pendant worth $50,000 dollars of quality diamonds made by Cameroon's notorious jeweler Da White.

Trade this NFT back to the Swissx market at any time. Prices available at


 Purchasing This NFT Will Cover the Minting Fee.

Fractional Holders of El Palucho, will receive free access to SwissxTV.com for as long as they hold their NFT

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