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Alberto Salietti - Portrait (1% NFT)

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Portrait of my wife laying on the sofa and my mother

Group Invest in a Piece, or buy it whole!-A Buyout will Buy all other owners shares of the piece-(Contact

Invest in a Timeless Piece of Art Expected to grow in the near future!

Total Piece Value $195,000 (100 Parts)

Receive Electronic Certificate of Ownership as-well as Network Recognition for 10 Years, and a spot right here on the Art Piece's List of Owners (Optional)

Salietti was born in Ravenna and moved to Milan when child.
An eclectic character in the artistic universe of the first half of the century, he played two parts with expertise: he was the secretary of the group “Novecento” where he meticulously handled both national and international relationships and left a wealth of information in the archives; and painter "amongst the most significant contemporary artists" as how Ugo Nebbia has consecrated him.

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