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Joseph Mallord William Turner "Landscape with woman child and cows"

Regular price $2,500,000.00

Though Joseph Mallard William Turner was best known for his Oil paints, he is also considered one of the founders of English watercolor landscape painting. He Produced thousands of pieces of art over the course of his career, approximately 2,000 paintings, 19,000 drawings/sketches, and nearly 300 Unfinished/Near-complete pieces of art left in his studio. View on OpenSea 

Group Invest in a 1% FRACTION, or buy it whole!-A Buyout will Buy all other owners shares of the piece-(Contact Orders@swissx.com) 

Collect up to 51% Icons to take custody of the piece.

Invest in a Timeless Piece of Art Expected to grow in the near future!

Total Piece Value $2,500,000 (100 Parts)

Receive Electronic Certificate of Ownership as well as Network Recognition for 10 Years, and a spot right here on the Art Piece's List of Owners (Optional)


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