"Swissx Melon" American Sativa Hemp Seeds

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Use our "Swissx Melon"seeds to grow your own crop of beautiful, CBD-rich Hemp plants!

At Swissx, our motto is "for the higher good" – for the earth and for everyone, worldwide. We're offering our seeds to the public because we believe that everyone deserves access to the health and wellness properties of Mother Nature's gifts.

About our Seeds:

Swissx Melon's genetics were created on our farm just outside Portland, Oregon.  Using organic, biodynamic growing practices, these seeds grow vigorously, producing an abundant, fragrant crop that smells of candied watermelon and roses. 

Our Terpene Profile:

Swissx Melon's terpene profile is incredibly rich in CBD, and beta-Myrcene, which has anti-inflammatory qualities and meets compliance for anywhere in the world that permits hemp cultivation.

Please Note:

Swissx Melon seeds are intended for private cultivation only. Interested in growing our Hemp strains for commercial use? Visit our B2B Resources site to learn about our Swissx Farmer's Cooperative, and other potential B2B opportunities.

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