EON C60 - Created by a Nobel Prize Winner for all of humanity.

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EON C60 - Created by a Nobel Prize Winner for all of humanity.

SWISSX LABS APPROVED RATING 9! EON C60 is an improved water-soluble C60 molecule with added vitamin B1 for improved uptake. EON60 is not s a drug and does not contain any toxic chemicals. It is a natural supplement that provides more energy, greater longevity, and better health. It does not need to be digested so it moves fast in the body, achieving rapid results!

Qualitites Include

*Reducing Inflammation

*Increased Energy

*Increased Focus

*Increased Longevity

*Increase in Cognitive Development

*Allergy Alleviation

*Powerful Antioxidant


Serving Size: .25 mL (5 drops) - 25mg Thiamine Mononitrate (as Vitamin B1) / .5mg Hyaluronic Acid (Sodium Hyaluronate)

120 Servings per Container


Among the most important discoveries of our time, Carbon 60 (C60), or “Fullerene” as it has come to be known in the industry, is a bit of a miracle element. It was identified in 1985 by Rice University researchers in Texas who won the 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.

It is a carbon like diamond or graphite, but with a unique structure—it looks a bit like a tiny soccer ball because its molecule contains sixty carbon atoms that form a hollow sphere of 30 highly conjugated double-bonds. This shape resembles the kind of geodesic dome buildings that the famous American architect, Buckminister Fuller, used to design. The name “Fullerene” is a tribute.

This carbon molecule is considered one of the most exciting discoveries in the world of chemistry because it has now been found to have many practical uses ranging from rocket fuel to electronics, to creating super-strong materials. Most importantly, numerous scientific studies in the last 20 years have found that C60 offers brilliant health enhancing properties: it increases longevity, improves bone and joint strength, and generally boosts our immunity system.






"When you look at how this is made, you will be shocked it doesnt cost 10x more. Tried this for 3 days and felt an immense difference. energy, focus, joint pain relief, clear thoughts. i ended up looking more into c60 and learned why its such a breakthrough product for the industry. i highly recommend this to anyone who feels lazy, low energy, foggy minded, and just want to feel alive! this is worth the try 100%."



Michele F.

  "This is AMAZING!

   I bought a bottle for myself after my 17yo Chihuahua noticeably improved after taking the pet version.I feel clear minded and energetic and recover quickly from intense exercise. I will be purchasing for my parents, as I believe they can benefit as well.I posted the below review under the Buckyol C60 for pets:

   Yoda, my 17 yo Chihuahua had a bad Vestibular episode back in January 2021. His weight fell from 2.5kg to 1.9kg. He was unsteady on his feet and mentally not quite there. He didn’t sleep well nor eat well and was deteriorating by the days.
I was introduced to Buckyol C60 by a good friend and started Yoda on his daily dose. He didn’t mind the neutral taste and willingly took it. In less than one month, Yoda’s appetite and nutrient absorption has improved — he is now back at 2.1kg. He has the energy to wander around our home for hours and doesn’t get lost or stuck in the corners, like he did before. He is alert, receptive, and interested in what his human and pet family are doing. He now sleeps through the night without fuss.
   I know it’s still early days and I hope Yoda continuously improves. I have introduced Buckyol C60 to friends with elderly pups, as I’m very excited with what I see in Yoda. Will definitely purchase more when this bottle runs out!"


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